Apple’s iOS 13 could drop support

iOS 13 may not support a bunch of older Apple iPhone devices

Looks like some ancient bunch of Apple phones may no longer be endorsed in iOS 13, according to a French iPhoneSoft website article claiming to know Apple’s plans.

The iPhones not upgraded to the current software are iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In addition,iOS 13 will also drop iPad mini 2 and iPad Air support.

In other words, iOS-supported phones for iOS 13 include iPhone 6s and greater models, iPad Air 2 and greater, iPad 5 and greater, and iPad Mini 3 and greater.

If the study turns out to be accurate, many Apple consumers using older iOS devices would either have to upgrade their phones or stick to their older operating system (iOS 12).

The Cupertino giant has not yet given any confirmation of modifications to older iOS devices, so it is suggested that this data be taken with a pinch of salt.

Apple is anticipated to unveil iOS 13 at its annual WWDC conference on its WWDC keynote.


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