Hackers Breach Stack Overflow Q & A Platform

Stack Overflow confirms hackers breached its systems; some users’ data compromised

Stack Overflow, a popular website for professional and tech programmers, has recently confirmed that hackers have breached their systems.

“An assault on Stack Overflow took place over the weekend. We confirmed that some level of access to manufacturing was achieved on May 11, “wrote Mary Ferguson, Engineering Vice President, in a safety update dated May 16.

“We have found and investigated the magnitude of access and all known vulnerabilities are addressed. We have not recognized any infringement of client or user data. “Ferguson stated back then that the infringement inquiry was underway.

In addition, Ferguson published another safety update on May 17 to provide more insight into the inquiry.

“The intrusion started on May 5 when a project applied to stackoverflow.com’s development level contained a bug that permitted an intruder to log in to our development level as well as increase access to stackoverflow.com’s manufacturing variant,” Ferguson wrote.

“The intruder suppressed their exploration operations between May 5 and May 11. The intruder produced a shift to our scheme on May 11 to give a privileged manufacturing access. This change was recognized rapidly and we revoked their network-wide access, started researching the intrusion, and took measures to remedy the intrusion.”

While the general user database of the business was not compromised, Ferguson said the attacker made privileged internet applications that could have returned Stack Exchange users ‘ IP address, names, or emails.

The business found that the attacker’s requests influenced about 250 users of the government network. While Stack is planning to notify the impacted customers in the near future, the firm is taking a number of measures as part of its reaction to the incident, including:

  • Finishing unauthorized system access.
  • Conducting a comprehensive and comprehensive audit of all the records and databases we keep, enabling us to trace the measures and actions taken.
  • Remedy the initial problems that enabled unauthorized access and escalation, as well as any other future vectors that we discovered during the inquiry.
  • Issuing a public statement proactively.
  • Engaging a forensics and incident response company from third parties to help us with both remediation and teaching.
  • Taking precautionary measures such as secrets for cycling, resetting company passwords, and evaluating systems and levels of security.

After the completion of their inquiry cycle, the firm intends to provide more government data.

Established in September 2008, Stack Overflow has more than 50 million unique visitors each month with more than 10 million registered customers on its site.

Another famous Q&A platform, Quora, disclosed in December 2018 that it experienced a data violation in which 100 million user data were damaged by exposing account information such as names, email addresses and hashed passwords.


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