OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

We have known for months that UK carrier EE will be the world’s first mobile operator to launch the first 5 G telephone from OnePlus. And we knew it was going to all go down in the second quarter of the year at some stage.

The OnePlus 7 Pro 5 G is basically a OnePlus 7 Pro with connectivity of 5G. It has the same design and specs, which implies you get an all-screen phone with a selfie camera pop-up, a 90Hz screen, and a back camera with a triple lens. The phone comes with RAM 8 GB and storage 256 GB and is only accessible in Nebula Blue.

This is where things get a bit turbid when it comes to pricing because we don’t have the actual price of the handset for you. The cheapest OnePlus 7 Pro in the UK costs £ 649, and that’s the 6GB/128 GB version.

For the 8GB/256 GB model you would have to pay £ 50 more. That means the 5 G phone is going to be even more expensive than that. You won’t discover the price in the EE shop, which is the only location from which you can purchase it. The OnePlus 7 Pro 5 G is not mentioned in the UK shop of OnePlus.

Huawei 5g technology

On the pre-order pages a 5 G Smart Plan of £ 69 a month with 30 GB of data is recommended after a down payment of £ 50 for telephone calls. The cheapest 5 G Smart Plan gets you only 10 GB of data a month for GBP59, and you will have to pay £ 170 for the OnePlus 7 Pro— the total amount will be GBP1,586 after two years. It’s a big deal for the cellphone and the other 5 G Smart Plan.

In other words, it isn’t clear whether you can purchase the phone in global markets and use it from EE.

The Oneplus 7 Pro 5 G will be shipped on May 30, when you are able to purchase one from EE stores–that is, also when EE’s 5 G network starts in your country. The One Plus 7 Pro 5 G will be delivered on May 30.


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