Instagram 6 million users data leaked

Unsecured database exposed personal data of 6 million Instagram influencers and celebrities ,Hacking News

A huge database has been discovered online that contains contact data about millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities and brand accounts.” “The database, hosted by Amazon Web Services, was left exposed and without a password that allowed anyone to look inside.

The database had over 49 million documents at the moment of writing — but it grew by the hour.

Each record included a brief overview of the data, with public data scraped from Instagram influencer account information, including the biological, profile photograph, the following numbers, if verified by town and country and their location, but also their personal contact information, such as email and phone number of the accountholder in Instagram..

In an attempt to find the owner and secure the database, security scientist Anurag Sen found the database and alerted. We traced the database back to Chtrbox, a social media marketing company based in Mumbai, which pays influencers for posting sponsored content on their accounts. Each record in the database contained a record based on the number of followers, engagement, reach, likes and shares they had, calculating the value of each account. This was used as a metric to determine how much an Instagram celebrity or influencer could be paid by the business to post an ad.

“ In the exposed database, TechRealWorld discovered several high-profile influencers, including leading food bloggers, celebrities and other influencers of social media. ”

We approached several individuals who discovered data in the database at random and supplied their phone numbers to them. To set up their Instagram accounts, two of the individuals replied and verified their email address and phone number discovered in the database. Neither did Chtrbox have any participation, they said.

Chtrbox pulled the database offline shortly after we reached out. The company’s founder and chief executive, Pranay Swarup, did not react to a request for comment and several issues, including how the firm acquired email addresses and phone numbers from personal Instagram account.

The scraping effort comes two years after Instagram’s developer API admitted a security bug that permitted hackers to get six million Instagram accounts email addresses and phone numbers. Later, the hackers sold the bitcoin information.

Months later, Instagram — now with more than a billion customers — choked its API to restrict the amount of applications that can be made on the platform by developers.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, said it was looking into the matter.

“We are looking into the problem to know whether the described information–including email and telephone numbers–came from Instagram or from other sources, “an updated declaration said. “We also ask Chtrbox to know where this information came from and how it became accessible to the public,” he added.

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