Laptop With 6 Most Destructive Malware Threats

Image credit: forbes

The most destructive laptop running 6 malware in the world is up for $1,200,749 to be auctioned.Do you know that Tha laptop selling for $1,200,749 has been infected with six of the deadliest malware ever found on the internet?

The laptop in question is an air-gapped Samsung NC10-14 GB 10.2-inch Blue Netbook (2008) running Windows XP SP3, auctioned by a cybersecurity business called Deep Instinct, in cooperation with artist Guo O Dong, according to a Forbes study.

“This Samsung computer operates six of the most deadly internet malware, named WannaCry DarkTequila, SoBig, MyDoom, ILOVEYOU, and BlackEnergy. These malware have jointly caused nearly $100 billion in damage around the world.”The designers have ensured that the unit is not linked to the Internet to prevent the viruses from spreading.

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“These pieces of software seem so abstract, with their funny, spooky names almost fake, but I believe they stress that the internet and IRL are not distinct places,” Guo said. “Malware is one of the most concrete ways for the internet to jump and bite you off your monitor.”

Currently, the “Persistence Of Chaos” website is streaming the 10.2-inch Samsung NC10-14 GB netbook live on their homepage as “a piece of art.” The bid quantity for this lethal device appears at the moment of writing as $1,200,749. The selling cost of the deadliest computer will shoot up for sure with more than four days to go for the auction.


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