Pelispedia Streaming Site Shuts Down

The Uruguayan authorities arrested two people suspected of benefiting from the infringement of copyright with the assistance of Interpol and the Uruguayan Police, one of Latin America’s most famous streaming locations, was shut down after the operators were detained following a raid on their home by the Uruguayan police, reports TorrentFreak.

In the raid, the U.S. authorities also seized several operators ‘ property. stayed originally online after the arrests but is no longer accessible now. However, Pelisplus ‘ sister site is still available but is scheduled to be shut down as well.

The arrest of carriers who are a couple from Uruguay was the consequence of a cooperative attempt by Interpol, ACE, and the Uruguayan authorities. Following a referral by MPAA (America’s Motion Picture Association) from Hollywood, the United States. Trade Representative just a couple of weeks ago acknowledged as an infamous pirate site.

According to Uruguayan attorney Monica Ferrero, the supposed operators are charged with “a ongoing offense of making accessible for profit a digital broadcast without their respective owners or successors ‘ written permission and a crime of money laundering.”

The couple apparently had no other job and made about $5,000 a month out of the piracy business. In addition to arresting the couple, several assets including hardware, $1,257 in money, two Payoneer cards, a 2008 Peugeot, and a 2014 Volkswagen were also confiscated.

“We would like to thank Interpol, the Uruguayan police, and prosecutors for their management in this significant action against a significant illegally streaming service provider,” ACE spokesman Richard VanOrnum said in response to the news.

MPAA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin agrees and sees the shutdown of as another instance of the effective and ongoing worldwide attempt by ACE to decrease piracy worldwide.

“Whenever we work with law enforcement officials to disrupt significant piracy activities like, we support the millions of individuals working in the film and television sector around the globe and the vibrant legal marketplace for creative content,” Rivkin notes.

The local media that its initials JAGR and MJHG refer to the arrested couple will remain in custody for 30 days. An organized crime tribunal will also take a closer look at the allegations taken in the case of the couple.


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