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Tor Browser 8.5 for Android Released On The Google Play Store !

The Tor team announced yesterday the launch of Tor Browser 8.5, marking Android’s first stable release. For other platforms with more affordable safety environments and a revised look, Tor Browser 8.5 has also been published.

The stable version of Tor Browser for Android 8.5 was published on Google’s Play Store yesterday, featuring built-in anti-tracking, fingerprinting blocking, and multi-layered censorship-circumvention encryption capabilities.

This is the first official and stable version of Android published on Google’s Play Store by the Tor Project, with the app also available through the Android software repository run by the F-Droid community.

For those who do not know:-Tor is a network technology that maintains the privacy of users by dissimulating their identity and place by randomly bouncing web traffic through a vast server network. (Tor–the “Onion Router” acronym–provides traffic anonymity layers that are hard to track.) The Tor software is open source and its servers are operated by volunteers.

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In September 2018, the team behind Tor Browser for Android published the first alpha version of the Android app, and since then they’ve worked around the clock to bring as many of the characteristics new to the portable version in the desktop app.

According to the Tor Browser 8.5 press release:

“The Tor Browser 8.5 is Android’s first stable release. Since we published the first alpha version in September, we have been working hard to ensure that we are able to provide the Android platform with protections that consumers already enjoy on the desktop. Mobile browsing is growing around the globe, and it is usually the only way individuals can access the internet in some areas. There is often heavy internet surveillance and censorship in these same fields, so we made it a priority to reach these users, “wrote the Tor Project in the press release of Tor Browser 8.5.”

Android has been added to the list of supported platforms because “Mobile browsing is growing around the globe, and in some parts it is usually the only way individuals access the internet. Online surveillance and censorship are often heavy in these same fields, so we made it a priority to reach these users.”

A list of characteristics that still need to be added to the Tor Browser Android version.

The announcement also notes that the Onion Browser app developed by Mike Tigas and the Guardian Project is the recommended option for the iOS platform, while a version of Tor Browser for iOS can not be published on the Apple App Store due to multiple constraints imposed by Apple.

On May 6, the Tor Project team announced the launch of Tor Browser 8.0.9 for desktop systems that resolved a problem that would automatically disable NoScript and HTTPS-Everywhere used by the app after Mozilla had allowed their intermediate signing certificate to expire. Two days later, Mozilla announced in the company’s Research Grants2019H1 that it was interested in “possibly incorporating more Tor into Firefox, for the purposes of providing a Super Private Browsing (SPB) mode for our users.”

“Integrating Tor into Firefox would take true private browsing and a safer internet experience to an unprecedented amount of individuals around the globe. But Tor has never been implemented on this scale, and there are many factors to be considered before Mozilla tries to do so,” the Tor Project team said in reply.

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