Adobe developed an AI tool


  • This AI tool can detect whether images, videos, audios, and documents have been manipulated using Photoshop software or not.
  • AI tool will help to identify fake images, videos, audios, and documents.

A team of researchers from Adobe and UC Berkeley trained AI to detect facial manipulation in Adobe Photoshop edited pictures. The scientists hope that the instrument will help regain confidence in digital media at a moment when deep-faced

and fake faces are more prevalent and disappointing.It could also democratize forensic picture, enabling more individuals to uncover manipulation of images.

“While we are proud of the impact that Photoshop and Adobe’s other creative tools have made on the world, we also recognize the ethical implications of our technology,” said the company in a blog post. “Fake content is a serious and increasingly pressing issue.”

The team taught a convolutionary neural network (CNN) to spot image modifications produced with the Face Away Liquify function of Photoshop, intended to alter the eyes, mouth, and other facial characteristics of people.

Adobe developed an AI tool

The neural network identified pictures up to 99 percent of the moment when brought to the test. By comparison, only 53 percent of the moment individuals who saw the same pictures noticed the changes.

Also, the instrument was able to revert pictures to their initial state as it expected.Adobe has not used AI to spot photoshopped images for the first time, but this work is specifically aimed at detecting facial manipulation.

The business claims the job is more urgent than ever before. “We live in a globe where the digital data we eat becomes more difficult to trust,” Adobe scientist Richard Zhang said.

And Adobe claims this is just the beginning when it comes to spotting manipulated pictures and modified faces.

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