WhatsApp will take legal action


  • WhatsApp users will now face legal action for violating terms of use
  • WhatsApp has announced that it will start taking legal action against users and companies who misuse the app or send bulk messages to people in violation of its terms and conditions.
  • A spokesman for WhatsApp said “WhatsApp was designed for private messaging, so we’ve taken action to prevent bulk messaging and enforce limits on how WhatsApp can be used,”

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging app, has announced that it will take legal action against individuals and businesses who misuse the app or send emails to many people in breach of its terms. The firm has announced in its revised policy

“Unauthorized Use of WhatsApp” that organizations or people involved in operations such as sending bulk or automated messaging will face legal action from December 7 onwards.However, the company did not specify what sort of legal action it could take. 

“WhatsApp will take legal action against those involved in or supporting others in violence that violates our Terms of Service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use, even if that determination is based on information only available to us from our platform,” it said.

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The company did not indicate, however, what kind of legal action it might take.
WhatsApp stated obviously that its products are not designed for bulk or automated messaging and are offensive to its terms of service.

WhatsApp will take legal action if you send bulk messages to your contacts

The update came as the WhatsApp was misused during Lok Sabha elections a few months earlier through free clone applications and a US$ 14 (RM58) software tool that permitted users to automate the delivery of bulk WhatsApp emails.
The business was under fire from the Indian government over fake news and the circulation of false data on WhatsApp. WhatsApp will take legal action if you send bulk messages to your contacts .

In a comparable crackdown last year, after a spate of mob lynchings were related to false emails distributed on WhatsApp organizations, the San Francisco-based firm had limited the transmission of emails to only five consumers.

The government issued a strong alert to the business to restrain fake texts aimed at “provoking” and “instigating” individuals.
India is a main WhatsApp market with more than 200 million customers.

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WhatsApp will take legal action if you send bulk messages to your contacts


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