us cyber attack on Iran

“U.S. launched cyber attacks on Iranian military computer systems after drone shot down”

According to US media, THE UNITED STATES initiated cyber attacks on Iranian missile control systems and a spy network after Tehran downed an American monitoring drone.

The Washington Post newspaper claims that President Donald Trump secretly permitted a retaliatory attack on Iran by the U.S. Cyber Command, soon after the U.S. president promised to strike the Islamic Republic with significant fresh sanctions.

According to the Post, the attack crippled computers used to monitor rocket and missile launches, while Yahoo News also targeted a spying group in the Gulf that was liable for monitoring vessels.

Tehran still has to respond to the reports, said today Iran’s Fars news agency.

It added that it was “not yet apparent whether or not the attacks were efficient,” and proposed that the U.S. press accounts were a “bluff intended to influence public opinion and regain lost credibility for the White House” after its drone’s downfall.

Trump called off Friday’s planned retaliatory military strike, saying the response wouldn’t be “proportionate,” with Tehran warning Washington that any attack would see its Middle East interests burning.

Yesterday, US National Security Advisor John Bolton advised Tehran against misinterpreting the cancelation of the last minute.

“Neither Iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness,” he said before a conference in Jerusalem with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

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U.S. Cyber Attack On Iranian

The downing of the US drone came after a series of attacks on oil tankers in the congested Gulf shipping lanes that Washington accused Iran of exacerbating already-tense relations between the two countries.

Iran has denied responsibility for those attacks.

Trump Statements:-

Trump, who spent Saturday at Camp David with his consultants, originally informed journalists he was eager to be the “best friend” of Iran, but only if the nation agreed to give up nuclear weapons.

“They will have a rich nation when they agree. They will be so pleased, and I will be their best friend, “he informed journalists.

Iran has refused to seek a nuclear weapon and says it has a civilian program.

In return for sanctions relief, a multinational agreement reached by Tehran and world leaders in 2015 attempted to limit Iran’s nuclear aspirations.

But Trump left the deal more than a year ago and imposed a solid slate of punitive financial sanctions intended to shock Iranian petroleum revenues and cripple its economy–one that he is now planning to grow.

“On Monday, we are placing significant extra sanctions on Iran,” Trump tweeted, who also deployed extra soldiers to the Middle East.

“I look forward to the day Sanctions come out of Iran and once again become a productive and prosperous country–the better the earlier!”The United Arab Emirates, meanwhile, called for negotiations to mitigate tensions between the United States and Iran.

“Tensions in the Gulf can only be dealt with politically,” wrote on Twitter Anwar Gargash, UAE Foreign Minister.

He said the Gulf region crisis “needs collective attention, mainly to de-escalate and find political alternatives through dialog and negotiation.” “In order to attain sustainable alternatives, regional voices (are) essential,” Gargash said.

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