iPhones Vulnerable To Permanent
‘Hundreds Of Millions’ Of iPhones Vulnerable To Permanent Jailbreak,Security News

‘Unpatchable’ iOS exploit could allow for a permanent jailbreak for iPhones

An iOS exploit for iPhone 4S has been published by a safety investigator via iPhone X that could possibly lead to continuous jailbreak.

Axi0mX, a well-known iOS hacker and cybersecurity investigator, has published openly what he claims to be a “continuous unpatchable bootrom exploit” capable of operating on all A5 chip (iPhone 4S) phones to an A11 (iPhone X) chip.

Devices such as the iPhone XS range and the lately published iPhone 11 are spared, however, as the exploit does not operate on chipsets A12 and A13.The exploit is susceptible not only to iPhones but also to multiple iPad models including the fifth generation iPod Touch and subsequent models.

The exploit named’ Checkm8′ leverages unpatchable safety vulnerability in Apple’s bootrom (SecureROM)–the first important code running on an Apple computer that is read-only memory–which implies that when Apple releases a fresh version of its operating scheme, it will not get overwritten. If exploited, it provides complete control over iPhones to iOS users or hackers.

“EPIC JAILBREAK: introducing checkm8 (read” checkmate), “a continuous unpatchable bootrom exploit for hundreds of millions of iOS devices,” announced axi0mX on Twitter, which also shared a connection on GitHub and made a disclaimer that the tool could possibly brick your machine.

Axi0mX added, “The last government bootrom-powered iOS device to date was iPhone 4 published in 2010.

This may be the greatest news of years in the iOS jailbreak community. For the advantage of the iOS jailbreak and safety research community, I am releasing my exploit for free.

EPIC JAILBREAK: Introducing checkm8 (read “checkmate”), a permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit for hundreds of millions of iOS devices.

Most generations of iPhones and iPads are vulnerable: from iPhone 4S (A5 chip) to iPhone 8 and iPhone X (A11 chip). https://t.co/dQJtXb78sG

— axi0mX (@axi0mX) September 27, 2019

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The reason Apple is unable to patch this exploit via an over – the-air (OTA) update is due to the read-only bootrom. The only way to solve the patch is to make physical changes to the chips of an iPhone, which implies that the devices impacted will be jailed for life.

It should be observed that Checkm8 is just an exploit, not a full-fledged jailbreaking tool with Cydia, which can be used by scientists and developers to dump SecureROM, decrypt keybags with AES motor, and demote the machine to allow JTAG. However, to use JTAG, extra hardware and software would still be required.

“Maybe without proprietary hardware and software, someone can figure out a good way to use JTAG on iPhone,” axi0mX wrote. “I and many others would always be thankful if someone were to make that possible.”

Having said that, the excellent news is that this prospective jailbreak is tied together, meaning that the exploit would only be feasible on a sensitiveiOS device linked to a laptop via a USB cable. This implies that the older version of iPhone is unlikely to be infected while browsing the internet.

Apple still has to comment on this issue.

The fresh exploit emerges precisely a month after Apple erroneously unpatched a vulnerability that led to a government jailbreak in the recent iOS version 12.4. With an urgent update, Apple has since corrected the critical vulnerability of the jailbreak.

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