chrome security extension

It has been created at this stage that when you sign up for a service, you should always expect it to be violated at some stage.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on fundamental safety hygiene, because let’s face it: reused and shared passwords are still one of the main ways cybercriminals take over internet accounts. Other times, it’s the passwords that are easy to imagine (“123456,” someone?).

So it’s easy to see why Google makes it dead easy to verify if a data breach has damaged your passwords.

It’s now baking its Chrome Password Checkup extension, introduced previously this year, right into the checks of Google’s account. And at, it can be accessed.

Unfortunately, you’re better off sticking to the Chrome extension if you don’t use Google’s password management solution. Google understands this obviously, and so it builds it straight into Chrome later this year, a function it has been working on since July.

You may want to offer a shot to Firefox Monitor if your browser is Mozilla Firefox.

Google’s recent safety measure also joins a June launched password suggestion tool to produce powerful and distinctive Chrome passphrases.

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