Microsoft Surface and Surface Duo

I can’t almost think I’m writing this, but the Surface Phone, now known as the Surface Duo, is genuine.

Microsoft today had its hottest Surface event, launching eight or nine fresh products in total, depending on how you count. Microsoft managed to maintain a few products, like the Surface Duo and Earbuds, a secret, despite many of those leaking in the days leading up to the case. These days, that’s a rare thing.

We’ve written in distinct articles about all of Microsoft’s announcements, but we understand you’re lazy, so we’ve gathered all the greatest information here. Also for each of the latest gadgets, Microsoft has accumulated some snazzy trailers that you can watch below.

Surface Laptop 3 – including a 15-inch model

We once believed Microsoft was never going to create a’ standard’ laptop, but the phone is now in its third generation. It is accessible for the first moment in a size of 15 inches. This model utilizes an AMD Ryzen processor that excels at workloads with multi-threads and offers more integrated graphics (the lower one uses 10th-Gen Intel chips).

The 13-inch computer comes in fabric as well as metal finishes–including an appealing’ Sandstone’ which is a kind of gold with a slightly rosy tint. The 15-inch model is accessible only in black and silver metal finishes.

Finally, there’s a USB-C on board! Typical usage of the battery life is rated at 11.5 hours, and while Microsoft still utilizes the Surface Connect port, the laptops now support quick charging, giving an 80% charge in an hour.

Price: $999+ (13.5-inch), $1,199+ (15-inch)
When: Pre-order now, releases October 22

Surface Pro 7

This may not be the day’s greatest news, but it hasn’t forgotten the classic Surface Pro. With 10th Gen intel chips and Iris Plus graphics, it features comparable specs to the 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 3. It is fitted with’ Studio Mics’ of greater quality and claims to give a battery life of 10.5 hours, with quick charging. The type cover comes in snazzy fresh red and blue colors, and there’s also USB-C.

Price: $749+ (without keyboard)
When: Pre-order now, releases October 22

Surface Pro X

And then there is the Surface Pro X–this is the tool that raises the form factor of Surface Pro to fresh levels. It’s ridiculously thin at just 5.33 mm, with severely slimmed bezels on the sides only a few millimeters thick; the phone packs a 13-inch screen in a 12-inch computer chassis. It utilizes a Microsoft and Qualcomm custom’ SQ1 processor, claimed to be the fastest PC processor of the latter yet, and is also accessible in an LTE setup.

In the Type Cover, Microsoft lastly discovered a nice place to store the Surface Pen. The fresh flat stylus lives at the top of the keyboard in a little nook, neatly hidden when the tablet is closed or when the keyboard is in its angled place.

There are two USB-C ports on board, and the tablet claims to provide 13 hours of battery life with typical use due to the effective ARM architecture–despite a slender chassis.

Price: $999+
When: Pre-order now, available November 5

Surface Earbuds

We shouldn’t likely be amazed, but Microsoft also makes real wireless earbuds. The Surface Buds are sort of a cross between the AirPods of Apple and the Pixel buds of Google, with the exception of a giant touch surface.

That implies intuitive controls that simply allow you to conduct all the activities you expect from a couple of headphones, including altering the volume and skipping songs without pulling out your phone or using voice commands (this is amazingly unusual among real wireless headphones). I discovered them comfortable despite the big disk.

However, their main point of sale is narrow Office integration, enabling you to access Office data, swipe through slides, use real-time translation, and dictate records (apart from all the usual assistant things). A total of 24 hours of battery life is provided by the earbuds–eight in the buds themselves and two more fees in the amazingly svelte carrying case.

Price: $249
When: “Later this year”

Windows 10X

No, Windows 10X is not the predecessor of Windows 10. Rather, it’s the recent effort by Microsoft to make its OS more mobile device friendly. This moment, the business may seem to have a opportunity to succeed.

Basically, Windows 10X operates just like regular Windows, but it is considerably optimized for use with mobile devices, particularly folding devices or dual-screen phones. It only loads the Windows parts needed for what you’re doing to save battery–always the portable device bugbear.

When: Fall 2020

Surface Neo

The Neo surface has been coming for a long time. Rumored since last year as’ Project Centaurus,’ the tool is truly an evolution of the’ Courier’ idea that was first described over a decade ago. It has the ability to redefine PC form factors, like so many years ago the initial Surface did.

Microsoft was evident that delineating two distinct displays is a nice thing rather than adopting flexible screen technology. It enables us to maintain our minds on doing stuff, and it can make the device much more durable than machines such as the Galaxy Fold. Microsoft displays smooth transfer of moving data between screens, and Windows 10 X has been able to adapt to whether you are using it as a dual-screen device or folded into a slimmer form factor.

But how the device integrates with its keyboard is most remarkable. Once you attach the keyboard to the screens magnetically, the interface shifts to allow you to conduct a variety of activities. As the screen becomes a touchpad contiguous to the keyboard, you can even use the Neo as a standard laptop. Alternatively, when working on a main assignment on the other screen, you can use the room to play a video or save data.

It’s difficult to put into words, so just watch the video above from Microsoft to get a better understanding of the radical concept.

Price: Unknown, but probably lots of dough
When: Holiday 2020

Surface Duo

It’s been a long time since we were really amazed at a tech case, with leaks in our ever-connected globe seemingly unstoppable. But although a mythical Surface Phone has been rumored for years, the latest news has been that the project has been scrapped indefinitely in favor of Centaurus, the Neo AKA. Even if you were hoping for a Surface Phone, nobody was expecting it to be disclosed today–much less Android.

The Surface Duo, however, is genuine. It feels like a mini Neo surface, except for its Android running. And like the Neo, the Duo has no flexible display technology, unlike other folding phones. These are two distinct screens, designed to perform distinct duties. It feels like a mobile that I can effectively do the job on.

And it’s strange to live in a world where somebody else’s OS runs a Microsoft device; I’ll be darned if the Duo isn’t the most exciting telephone idea in years.

I’d like one. Now. It’s not coming out until next year, too bad.

Price: Don’t know !
When: Holiday 2020

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