7 app for students

It is often difficult for college and high school students to cope with the ever-expanding obligations and resources. Students need to do a lot of things like reading, tests, and writing essays. Custom writing can be a good solution in this situation for students to complete their assignments on time. You can take advantage of various iOS and Android applications to keep track of their homework and assignments. Such apps are designed exclusively for student assistance.

1. Dragon Dictation App (free for iOS)

Typing will strain your wrists and in numerous cases cause permanent damage. You can get the value of this dictation software if you want to avoid this situation. You can save time and wrists by dictating your emails and assignments to the dragon app.

2. Office Lens (Free for Windows, Android and iOS)

Photographing of receipts, newspapers, blackboards, whiteboards and records is an outstanding feature. You can take pictures from different angles with the aid of this camera, and the app will also remove shadows and glare. You can save your images as PowerPoint, text or PDF files.

3. Alarm Clock Sleep Cycle (Free for Android and iOS)

Sufficient sleep is important for each participant, but the quantity of your sleep is not a restful wake-up. It’s all about your period of sleep and with the aid of this app you can set it. This app uses your phone’s accelerometer and microphone to monitor the user’s sleep patterns and select the best time to wake up. When you wake up, the app will pick your lightest sleep state. You can pay for its premium version if you need additional features.

4. Student Homework Planner (Free for Windows, Android and iOS)

This planner allows you to easily stay organized. You can monitor your homework and class schedule with the help of this planner and get reminders for studying. You can have some unnecessary functionality of this app with its premium version.

5.Tasker (Android $2.99)

Controlling your Android phone and setting up automation for various tasks is a paid Android app. You can use passcode to lock certain apps and turn on your phone’s ringer automatically. It allows you to change the camera button and record your phone calls automatically.

6. Wonderlist (Free for Windows, Android and iOS)

It’s like a list of tasks and to-do. You can track projects in colleges, university programs, or make your list of groceries. To keep you posted, Wunderlist will instantly synchronize between your phones, such as computers and tablets. To avoid any problems, feel free to set reminders and dates.

7. Flashcards Deluxe (Android and iOS $3.99)

Flashcards can help you research, and this app allows you to enter the app’s details and upload a table or table from your computer’s laptop. You may assemble flashcards into groups, directories and decks with the aid of this software. Users will benefit from their shared library.


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