airtel shut 3G service in haryana

In the Haryana circle, Airtel has shut down 3G services and will improve its 4G LTE services with the spectrum. Upgrading the network with a new SIM card is expected from customers.


  • Airtel has shut down its 3G service in the state of Haryana.
  • Airtel is advising its 3G users to upgrade to 4G SIM card and 4G handset.
  • Existing Airtel 3G customers will be able to make voice calls even if they don’t upgrade.

The telecommunications industry has undergone an ongoing major fiasco between major operators with respect to the Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC), but Airtel did not stop to continue improving its services. The company has been attempting to improve its 4G LTE network throughout the country and has, by phasing out its 3G service in the Haryana region, taken a dramatique initiative to expand its range of services.

Airtel has officially announced its 3G services terminated in the Haryana region in an official statement. In favor of enhancing 4G LTE coverage in the State of Haryana, 3G network was discontinued. Airtel uses the bandwidth of 2100 MHz for 3G.

Airtel’s 2100 MHz band spectrum has been introduced to further improve its 4G network in the country and, as such, provides 4G high-speed coverage on a large three band spectrum bank-2300 Mhz (TD LTE), 2100 Mhz (LTE 2100), and 1800 Mhz (FD LTE) “The replenishment of its 3G (2100mhz) spectrum (LTE 2100) to 4G (LTE 2100) would increase the capacity and wider availability of Airtel 4G services across the nation.

Airtel says that those customers who continue to use 3G services must switch to operator 4G services. Customers in Airtel 3G must upgrade to 4G SIM and buy a new smart card

Nonetheless, existing 3G customers will not face service disruption. Airtel says it will keep offering 3G SIM and mobile telephone service to subscribers. To order to meet the needs of customers on working phones, Airtel will continue to supply 2G services to Haryana.

Originally in favor of expanding its 4G coverage, Airtel has shut down its 3G network at Kolkata. In order to achieve the faster 4G coverage Airtel aims to phase out the 3G network from all circles over time. Yet users have a 4G mobile and a 4G SIM card to upgrade.


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